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is there any where that i can get t-shirts without tha manufacturer label on the back and put my custom one on instead?...or do i have to do it manually??
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Many companies offer private label services, but the quantities can be pretty steep. You can choose to relabel your garments personally or find a sewing service to do the job.

If you choose to relabel, keep in mind, that there are different methods. In one case, depending on the construction of the garment, it may mean sewing your label ABOVE the seam and cutting away the original label. The preferred method in my opinion and if the garment will allow, entails opening the neck seam, removing the original label, inserting the private label and sewing the seam closed.

Article 1 sells shirts with a tear out label. You can then hire a sewing service to sew in your private labels or have your screen printer print a label on the inside neck.

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Hi Tony, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

cia offered some great advice above. I would also suggest that you search the t-shirtforums for words like: relabeling or tags and you'll find lots of other helpful threads covering the same topic.
acmeprints.com. they can relabel all your tees and no min.
prices range from .40 to about .60 cents per tee, depending what you need.
tell them excelsior sent you.
Wow! That's expensive!

EVERY place I've ever gotten a quote from has the most expensive at 40 cents.

I use a place that has no minimums and 25 cents to 35 cents, depending upon if it's over or under the neck tape.

They do EXCELLENT work, and have OUTSTANDING customer service.

Oh yeah, welcome to the forums!

Maybe we can find you some other ways to save some money!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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