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What brand of t-shirts and hoodies is everyone using with there neoflex. We are getting ours in in a couple of weeks and just want to be prepared.
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we use Keya, some have said they have stock issues so we buy a lot at a time. they print great and have a good price.
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Keya, LAT, Canvas, Bella, are our favorites for shirts with a white underbase. if printing cmyk only, you can get by with Gildan if whoever you are printing for needs a lower price point. we have been pretreating the Gildans with the Image Armour (Light Shirt) and they are printing and washing well. Gildan doesn't work well with a white underbase.

for Hoodies, we like the Hanes Print Pro. we try to get as much cotton as we can, and 80/20 prints very well. sometimes you can find a Hoodie that might be 50/50, but has a 100% cotton FACE. this is all you need since the ink will be sitting on 100% cotton.
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I'll disagree with everyone here (that's my job, haha).

The best t-shirt for printing on the Neoflex is...

the one that you have practiced on the best with, and have wash tested the best.

Printing on shirts is not a matter of buying the best ink, the best pretreat, and the best shirt brand. It's about you. I bet we can take the "best" Neoflex owner here, and they can print better on Gildan 5000s than the "worst' Neoflex owner here could do with a Keya.

Learn to pretreat -- by hand, by machine, both. Make sure your heat press for curing pretreat is calibrated and consistent. Get a good gram scale so you can verify how much pretreat works best on what brand and color garment. You might want to even try two different brands of pretreat and do tests on both.

Learn to work with NeoRip. The TIGERS have done an excellent job setting up NeoRip to work with cotton shirts. It is mostly plug-and-play, but there are optional adjustments in the software for a reason. The more you learn what settings work with your entire process, the better the quality will be. You may even save money in the long run if you can tweak settings to use less ink to get a similar output.

Perform wash tests. Don't just do them as your recommendations will be to customers. Do them as customers actually will wash them. Wash in hot, dry in hot, wash in hot and leave in the washer for a day before drying. Try it with abrasive detergents. Spill some spaghetti sauce on your garments and use a stain remover and see what happens.

I'll agree with the brands listed -- ringspun, quality cotton, without anti-stain features -- will print the best. If you pretreat properly. If you use the proper settings. If your heat press is accurate, and you are consistent with temperature and pressure and humidity and all the other magic involved.

It's not as scary as I make it sound, but expect to burn some shirts. Maybe many shirts. You want a product that brings customers back again and again. That product won't be had by just clicking print and closing your press. Remember: what looks great after curing may not look great after washing a few times. But you can get there. You WILL get there.
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Thanks for the info. It at least gives us a start.
DTG printing is a premium decoration service that commands a premium price which should be presented using a premium blank shirt. I highly HIGHLY recommend getting blanks from several ring spun cotton garment manufacturers.

American Apparel
Alternative Apparel
Next Level
Bella Canvas
Cotton Heritage
Phoenix Apparel
Where is everyone getting Keya from? direct from manufacture or another wholesaler?
Keya and Cotton Heritage are both direct from manufacturer.
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What brand of t-shirts and hoodies is everyone using with there neoflex. We are getting ours in in a couple of weeks and just want to be prepared.
It did not happen over night. All NeoSeniors endless supports are the main reason why we are here. One day you will do same as they are doing now. I hope it will be sooner. Looking forward to meet you soon.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
Welcome to the Jungle!.... Where Neoflex is King
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it really is so cool to see owners of neoflex sharing "insider" tips that other people may consider "proprietary information"
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My NeoFlex will be shipping in a couple weeks and I have a question that I haven't been able to find a decent answer to but figure someone here might know the answer to.
We currently sells a lot of shirts that are screenprinted on Gildan Heavy Cotton.
Does anyone know of any other shirts that are good for DTG but that have a similar fit as Gildan Heavy Cotton?
Our customers are used to that style/fit and we want to try to stay as close as possible.
Keya is really close, but probably not cut quite as big. but i still wear the same size in Keya that i do in Gildan.
I've been getting good results on Hanes Beefy Ts. It's a similar cut to the Gildan 2000 but a better print surface.
AA likes Cotton Heritage because they give NeoFamily discount.:) and prints good.
Just say you are NeoFamily. Love special treat. Tell Ser # they suppose to ask. They have ser# lists.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
Keya is definitely more of box fit shirt whereas the others are more fashion fit. Jerzees has a shirt called the HiDensi-T and it prints pretty good. Not as good as the ringspun options but not horrible like a G2000.
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