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Shipping to Oz-Land Fast & Easy ?

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just looked at some shipping data and noticed that from Canada shipping to Australia and the UK standard air mail it takes about 1 week transit time and never had any Customs hang ups.

Shipping to the USA sometimes Less time other times more transit time. ???? and some Customs delays.

We use all the Harmonized number codes for customs etc....

I dont think its a USA homeland security issue cause we have a Customs OK type code for parcels.

How is it shipping out of the USA these days ?
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While I cant speak for other countries Im from australia and it takes about a week for packages to arrive from here to the USA, and thats not unusual. On a good run you'll find maybe it might even arrive in 4-5 days tops.
Like Glen I don't know what it's like for the sender (i.e. the rigmarole they're put through), but mail to Australia from the UK, US and Canada is quick and reliable. The average Australian resident will never have to deal with customs, even if they regularly order online, from eBay, etc. (you need to import something illegal or something very expensive to have to deal with them).

Given how quick and easy mail is to our island in the middle of nowhere, I figure international mail in general has got to be pretty good (depending on where you're sending to, but the danger zones are pretty obvious... though I hear there are some pleasant surprises).
Shipping costs, taxes etc.

Hi all,
I am in research mode for staring my tshirt label and just wanted to know if there was one place that all information regarding costs, taxes etc for importing tshirts to Oz was located?
I ship alot of things to other countries.. with my other businesses.. and I ship most things airmail.. its reasonable priced and takes less than a week to most places.
Nikki.. go to the usps site and read about shipping to other countries.. the main pain in shipping out of the usa is tha you have to fill in all the custom papers.. and i have to take the packages to the post office instead of just handing them to our post man..

But basically.. you just package up your t-shirts fill out custom forms and take to the post office.. You dont have to pay any taxes to mail things there.. depending on the value of what they buy.. the people getting the package may have to pay custom taxes.. but you dont.
Hi Glen, I'm from QLD and just trying to find information about the costs of importing tshirts into the country. Besides the shipping costs from the country who are supplying the shirts what other costs can I expect to pay - taxes etc?
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