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Shipping problem with t-shirts buying

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Hey everyone,
just needed some help. i live in california and im just starting screen printing.
Im having trouble with looking for blank shirts by gildan (at this point any type of shirt will do)
Ive used google and the preferred vendors on here to try to find nice prices for the shirts, which i have but the problem im having is the stupid shipping is too much! Im paying minimum 9 dollars just in shipping and its the the next day shipping just the regular im in no rush for the shirts but its really annoying once i find a shirt i go check out and the shipping is too much.
So can anyone direct me into the right direction for t-shirts please?
Id appreciate any advice and hope to hear from you guys soon!
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If your order quality is 1500-2000pcs per color, then try to import it from Asian country such as Bangladesh on CIF basis
Shoot me an email with your contact info and I will hook you up
If you are in Los Angeles you can buy right downtown or pick up from Americsna in Santa Fe Springs or TSC in Fullerton. Also, if you order $150 or more shipping is usually free. How many shirts are you buying at a time?
I just placed my first shirt order. Shipping was free. Ordered from S&S. $9 would have been reasonable shipping... but free is better.
You could just go downtown La to the wholesale district and get it. Main St. After the 10 fwy
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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