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Re: Shipping Containers ???

monkeylantern said:
I've found that, at least in Australia (and I'm guessing western postal systems can't be *radically* different) prepaid is often false economy.
In Australia you just need to be very aware of how the postal rate system works and what your options are. It's somewhat complicated at first, but extremely simple once it clicks.

Basically prepaid is very economical in some circumstances, and a poor choice in others. It's always convenient though, which is sometimes worth the revenue loss.

In the US prepaid Global Priority is much the same. I've had people insist on using it when Airmail would have been less than half the cost, and others fail to use it when the prepaid would have been a quarter of the cost. Again, the important thing is that you actually read your countries postal charts and understand how they work.

I've found that too often people just don't understand their post office, and since that occasionally includes the postal employees themselves one really can't afford to stay in the dark.
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