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Dayman- no need to let shipping get in the way of your idea to expand.

We have used Stamps.com for many years to print our USPS labels... (Easy to set up, nice pricing and you can print labels right from your computer.) YOU CAN ALSO ORDER FREE SHIPPING BOXES FOR USPS SHIPMENTS AT WWW.USPS.COM . In the past we would hand our preprinted USPS packages to our Postal Person when they delivered our mail. Now we have purchased an oversized mailbox ($30) that we put our packages in and the Postal Person picks them up when delivering our mail. Several times a week we have more packages than can fit in the mailbox so we take them to the local USPS and set them on a counter inside (no waiting).

We also have online accounts with FedEx.com and UPS.com. Several times a week UPS or Fed Ex delivers merchandise (our blank tees or apparel) so we use our online accounts to print labels and leave them outside in a storage container for pick up.

Note: you will usually get better pricing by signing up for online accounts that will allow you to print labels online.
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