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shipping from canada?

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Hi, im located in Sk, Canada
and I am curious as to what is the most cost effective way to ship in canada and internationally from canada. I've checked out a few places and the prices seem to ridiculous but yet I've never personally ordered anything with such high shipping costs.
can anyone help me out?
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UPS....postal service...DHL....purolator.....greyhound bus....
i can't think of any other shippers.... that's prol'y all it... just compare their prices and go with the lowest one.
yeah i checked out DHL and they said between 14-27$ which is double the price of just shipping from canada post.
and purolator i was told to make an account to see what prices would be, but i haven't done that yet.
i haven't checked out ups or greyhound though.
i use purolator a lot... they seem to be cheaper.
i use purolator a lot... they seem to be cheaper.
Do they have a flat rate for Canada?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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