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Shipping cost

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How do companies deal with the cost of shipping?

Do they get a contract with FedEx/Ups and work out a deal for them to ship your shirts?
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We pass the cost of shipping on to the customer.

For large orders its UPS or Fedex if it won't fit in any USPS flat rate box. Usually I can fit 10 on average in a Flat Rate Box. I think its $12 or $13 to ship that way, UPS and FedEx are typical around $15 - $20 on average.

Single shirts go in a USPS flat Rate envelope for $5, you can go Parcel Post or First Class envelope even cheaper.

Unless your a very large company doing hundreds of thousands in shipping every year, UPS and Fedex aren't going to make deals with you I don't think.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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