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Shiny emulsion!!

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Hello! Our print shop has been having issues lately with screens blowing out constantly and we can’t seem to find a fix! Our thoughts are that it could either be the humidity changes as we come in to summer, or possibly over applying emulsion when we’re coating. I’ve included a couple pictures of one of the screens, note the shiny reflective centre(our screens used to always be matt like the pink on the outer edges). The emulsion is dry to the touch and not at all tacky. If this tips any of you off to what our issues are we would greatly appreciate some input! Thanks!


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By the looks of your coating stroke.. Someone ran over the frame which would cause a very thick area. Loose mesh will do the same thing. I believe the blow outs are directly caused by this thick emulsion. It's so thick you are blasting it to get the image out. make sure your coater is in the mesh restraints.
If you are using QTX your emulsion may be going on thick because it has expired. We recently had to throw out a few gallons due to the emulsion going bad before the shelf life was up. When we coated, it went on super thick 1x1 and blew out as well. If you are only doing plastisol switch to SBQ orange. Its got ridiculous shelf life and great liqiudy viscosity.

It does look like someone is using an 18" coater on a 20" frame though.

You need to make sure you use a 16" scoop coater if youre doing manual screens 18" for auto, If you've only got an 18" try turning the screen and coating horzonitally instead of vertically.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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