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I'm glad you like the monkey shirt, it's one that seems to be gaining popularity. I'll eventually be wearing one around, myself. I hope your husband does too. I like your stuff as well, very stylized little critters. And smart to have your gorgeous sister model for you. It freaked me out when I first saw her, she looks nearly exactly like a friend of mine who lives in Idaho. Weird. But great site, great stuff, I'm sure you do well.


Awesome list of likes. I'm glad you took the time to explore. Thank you. It is confusing, and some of the toons don't make sense to some of the people. What I've found is, they all make sense, and they're all pretty funny, but people identify with very specific cartoons, and definately don't like others. You liked some of my favs. I have an earthworm mousepad, a starfish shirt, a unicyle mug, and my son has the squirrels fighting hurricanes shirt.

Thanks for the welcome, Rodney, it's good to be here. I look forward to soaking in all the experience people like you (who obviously know what you're doing) have gained and are willing to share.

Have a funny day, everyone.

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