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"shaka wear vs pro club"

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"shaka wear vs. pro club"

which one do you think is better, shaka wear or pro club? I'm thinking about buying shaka wear because it is way cheaper than proclub, and it's heavyweight like pro club.
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Re: "shaka wear vs. pro club"

I've never heard of Shaka wear.
which shirt do you think is better shaka wear or pro club, when it comes to quality. I am thinking of buying shaka wear because they are cheaper. Any opinions?
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Why not buy a sample of both?
in my opinion i would say shaka wear is defenitly better quality thicker heavyer and thighter around the neck. pro club are not as good as before. when pro5 and pro club were the same company. do u buy wholesale. from where may i ask?
I actually like both of them. Depends on what mood im in. Shaka wear seam to have a tighter neck than Pro Club, But Pro Club quality seams to be a little bit better. I wear both on a regular!
where can you buy Shaka Wear shirts wholesale?
where can you buy Shaka Wear shirts wholesale?
The only place I've seen them is eBay. But you probably can get them in downtown LA in the fashion district.
If you find out a wholesale source for shaka please post.
well it looks like I'll be going down to the LA Garment district this weekend to find out, I'll keep you guys posted. Let me know if you guys find anything.
If anybody has the RN number for Shaka, we can look up the manufacturer.

I know one of our new members sells them (he's also the one with the eBay store linked to in this post)
I will let you all know by 2morrow morning! I don't sell nearly as much Shaka Wear as I do Pro Club so I don't use the wholesale source for Shaka Yet. But i get a pretty close wholesale price. I may be able to convince my Shaka source to give me the wholesale info. Not more than 2 months ago he mentioned to me that Shaka Wear is located in Downtown LA and they just moved into a bigger warehouse. So Im on to something! Hopefully I can provide more info soon. Will keep ya posted.
Do their shirts have an RN? That might lead you straight to their location (although if they moved recently there's a decent chance they didn't update their contact information, I think it's the kind of thing some companies seem to overlook).
The cheapest I have found proclub is under $7 each. I believe I have seen shaka downtown l.a. but didnt give it much thought. lol Now I will.
Do their shirts have an RN?
I have three Shaka shirts an no RN numer??????
I have three Shaka shirts an no RN numer??????
It's almost like some of these companies don't want to sell product.
Shaka Wear is located on 24th and Main Street.

The telephone number is :


Ask for "K"

Shaka Wear, Pro5 and Pro-Club are all different. The one that YOU like is the one that is best.

It all depends on you.

I have sold all of these tee shirts for years. Pro Club being the longest, since they have been in business the longest.

I will not dis-credit any one of these companies. I depend on each one for my living.

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Both are good. Can't go wrong either way. Pro Club has a larger variety of colors. Shaka is a little cheaper.

Buy direct for the cheapest price (contacts below). Most "wholesalers" in Downtown LA aren't really wholesalers... just middlemen that buy from manufacturers/importers and add their ticket.

Contact info:
Pro Club - Welcome to PRO CLUB official website
Shaka Wear - http://www.shakawear.us/index.html
Pro 5 - 3100 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007, 323-234-0555

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Kay is the person to talk to and you have to have a seller's permit(business license?). Shakas, Pro 5, Pro Club are all nearly identical and they are all great shirts.
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Correction about Pro5 in my previous post above...

Noticed yesterday when driving by, they've moved... They're in a new building on Broadway and like 23rd now... pretty much across the street from (the rear of) Shaka Wear (Main/Broadway & 24th).
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