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shadowing on t-shirt after curing

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I am having trouble on my lighter colored shirts. The trouble is that some of them may have a shadow of the image on the opposite side of the shirt after they are cured. How do I prevent this and will this come out with washing?
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I'm assuming you are loading the shirt so the platen is inside the shirt.
Is "opposite side" the back of the shirt or the inside of the front of the shirt?

You may be putting to much down pressure on the squeegee. If you see any ink on the platen when you remove the shirt, lighten up.

You might try using a higher screen mesh to reduce the amount of ink deposit. (ie try a 230 instead of a 156)
I believe that it is from stacking them while they are still too hot after curing. I had it happen a few times when I first started and was curing with a flash dryer. Now that I have a conveyor dryer, they get a chance to cool off before falling into the basket... and it doesn't happen anymore that I can see.
I am curing with a flash dryer, but I have seen these shadows as soon as I take them off of the curing platen before they are stacked. Do you think the flash dryer is to close during the process or to much heat or what?
opposite side being on the inside of the back of the shirt. Once I take it off the press i place it on another platen underneath a flash dryer. After it dries is when i see the shadow. Not every shirt does this only a few of them do this. am i leaving the heat on it to long or do you have any other ideas?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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