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Sewing the tshirt

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How can i order tshirt to manufactoring tshirt sewing?
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How can i order to sew the blank tshirt?
sorry, but i don't understand what you meant. Are you looking for cut&sew t-shirt as per your requirements or else?
Yes, how can i find somewher to cut and sew the shirt, and how much does it cost for one tshirt?
Hi, how can i get my first sample print cheap?for screen they said they charge me for one color like $300
1 color $300 is killing, i think you should talk with more printer or manufacturer to compare the prices in advance. By the way, the forum wasn't encouraged to talk prices. If you look for a decent quantity t-shirt to be produced, try your luck from alibaba.com, best of the luck!
I know it is too much, butthis is just for sample for one color , do u know some where for all over printing also, thanks
Have you tried to source any manufacturer from alibaba? globalsources.com would be a good choice too. Only manufacturer can meet your request to do a cut&sew job, and do all-over printing.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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