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I am having a hell of a issue, I am not sure if it is my pretreat the shirt or what in god green creation is going on but I am printing on 882L Anvil Ladies' Ringspun Tanks and I am getting crappy prints anyone else had issues with these or have better option?

Any tricks for printing on a black shirts with red lettering? I have soaked the crap out of the tanks/shirts and laid the fibers down with a brush and still white comes through the red!

Also I am having an issue with my neo printing out of alignment it will do the first pass fine and the second color pass is off the the right by an inch or more and this has happened twice in a big run I will get about 20 or so shirts and there it goes off alignment any ideas?

Oh and one more thing! How the heck do you get the ink to quit sticking to the paper and splattering all over the place when you pick up the paper from the shirt on the heat press I have messed up so many shirts what I am doing wrong?



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Just a few things you can check.

Is your pre-treatment fluid fresh? If you store pre-treatment it will separate within a relatively short time. This can sometimes be seen when your sprayer spits out tiny white particles which can build up and block the nozzle. You may think you're applying a good coating but the chemical elements may be missing.

After applying the pre-treatment do you use a brush to ensure the pre-treat gets into all the ridges of the weave?

Dry the pre-treatment with heavy pressure? Look at the shirt along it's surface after drying pre-treatment - any fibres sticking up?

Is your heat press reaching the correct temperature across the plate?

The splattering of the white and red is a mystery - do you have a fan pointing at the printer? Is this evident after the printing stage has finished? Is the sheet you use for curing the print clean - not transferring from one shirt to another?

Check the sensor is clean and fitted securely.

Is your carriage drive belt properly fitted, tensioned & clean. Make sure it's not 'jumping' teeth on the drive cog.

Check your encoder strip is spotlessly clean and not damaged in any way.

The above are just the things I would check.

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Head bottom and surround edges are all cleaned? Head shot ink not straight.
Squeeze clean? Time to replace?
Check art work too. How big this letter is?
Pretreating isn't look good also. Slim chance on shirts issue.
Cheers! Cleaning is on you always.
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