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Settings for Hats

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When embroidering hats being flats, I find that our hats tend to have "scorch marks" where the presser foot is beating down on the hat. I am currently running our machine at 600 spm hoping that might help but it isn't. Also with certain designs that are right around 10k stitches I find the hats tend to dent in where the design is. Right now I have the presser foot at 2.6mm and the stroke at 8mm. Can anybody shed some light on this? I am thinking that my settings are too low, when doing 3D I go up to 3.0mm. I attached 2 images, one to see the hat dented and the other the "scorch marks" along side the design. Pay no attention to the design, hat hoop was too loose and shifted during embroidery.

Tajima TMAR-K1506C
AC (Presser foot lower dead point) - 2.6mm
AF (Presser foot stroke) - 8.0mm

Thanks in advance


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I've never played with those setting but I have steamed out marks. Steaming may remove denting too.
i'm not really seeing denting or scorching. just make sure your designs are digitized for caps. most people don't realize what a difference that makes. almost never will a design that is digitized for a left chest work great on a cap. if you ask your digitizer for a cap design, and they say 'huh?'....fire them. all cap designs should be digitized from the bottom up, and from the center out. this one is difficult, because its a weird shape (meaning not much fill towards the bottom and most on top). but digitizing this way will help stabilize the cap because of the curve, etc. on this particular design, i would say white or blue fill should stitch first. then red, then blue outline, then stars and yellow...
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