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Too many decisions. Not hard, life changing ones so I'm not complaining, but I just want to make the right ones. Tight budgets require tight thinking, so no room for mistakes right?

Gotta get it all right in one shot.

So here we are..

We have the unrivalled design talent but we've reached some pretty tough decisions.

1) Do we print to blank t-shirts, Fruit Of The Loom etc.. OR do we go the whole nine yards and find a company that design the actual t-shirts too, thus making us an out right fashion company?? Of course, this will drastically increase the costs, right? Does anyone know any services that offer this?

2) So question 1 aside, if we do go ahead and use blank t-shirts... Do we Screenprint or heat transfer or some other method? Never used Printscreening yet as it is too expensive (unless in nulk) what with the setup costs but I have heard it's the best for quality. And I have had mixed experiences with heat transfers.

2.5) Does anyone from the UK know of any good/cheap print services/sites?

3) We originally wanted to do a "request a design" service where the customer sends in a photo and we manipulate it, get it printed and send it back. Too long winded? Too expensive? Not Feasible?

4) Pretty generic question so don't worry about answering it unless you're friendly and have time ;)... What's the best t-shirt to use?

Thanks for the tips and advice. Hope it helps!

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