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Ok, only posted here once or twice before but I'm starting a website selling tshirts (kinda obvious lol), for small businesses with employees names on or the company logo/name etc. Mostly embroidered but also printed. And hopefully offer hoodies and other things in the future too.

I'll be drop shipping so making the sales through my site, taking the order details and payment, then sending the supplier their money for the order and the details of the order to be shipped directly to the customer and keeping the difference (price customer pays minus price i pay for the shirts) for myself. Well Im just telling you incase you didnt know ;) (im sure you do lol)

So anyway, I'll make a new thread later looking for a supplier, but for now I'm just looking for any general tips. Of course I'll be searching the forums, reading a lot spending a lot of time on here, but anything you have to say would be appreciated!

Any particular threads to read through? General advice?
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