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Setting up net terms

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Hi everyone, i'm trying to setup net terms with my suppliers, but because i don't have any accounts, then i'm being denied. How did you all get your accounts setup for the first time? Thanks.
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They'll usually run a credit check to determine if you qualify. Is that happening?
yep, credit references with other businesses.
I don't do terms, I pay as I go. If you ever have any catastrophic issue, you won't ever be tempted to use the money needed to pay off your purchases.
I do not....After 35+ year in business I mostly pay for goods and services when I place orders.....
I am also a pay forward company. Years ago with my home repair business I had a supplier set me up I paid a few hundred dollars the always paid to bring account back to the original amount. After 6 months the money was returned and they opened a account.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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