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Setting up graphics to layer

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In illustrator how do I set up an image to be layered with vinyl or screen print? For a simple example, to put the word 'basketball' on a basketball, how do i get the blank piece of the ball under the letters? As it stands, the letters would be pressed ONTO the ball, instead of having a cut out area underneath for it to lay.
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You need to research 'Knockout' for Illustrator and also the 'Pathfinder' tool. I haven't the time to go into a detailed explanation I'm afraid.
Thank you, that's really all I needed. I haven't heard the term knockout before, and every other way I attempted to search for this was unsuccessful. Now that I know what it's called it should be an easy fix, thanks again.
yup hit up you tube for using pathfinder tool in illustrator it will give you just what you need.
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