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Setting up Epson 1400 for Screen printing

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I'm just starting out screen printing & would like a few pointers on setting up my printer for the transparency films

After reviews on here I am going to get an epson 1400.
I understand I can use that straight away, however as I do intend to use halftones in the not too distant future, is it true that my normal epson driver won't be able to cope with this & I will need to get a rip software such as accurip?

Also is it cost effective to get the all black ink set up? Or just stick with the normal epson inks?

If I need the all black ink system, is there some modification I need to do to to the printer for it to work or is it a case of just putting them in?

Basically below is a checklist of what I think I need to get set up for printing my films:
Epson 1400
All Black Ink System
Some kind of chip reset?!

If somebody could let me know if this is about right or if I'm over complicating, that would be greatly appreciated.

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You are correct, the Epson 1400 is the printer of choice today for film output. And yes, to print halftones you will need RIP software that is specific to screen printing such as FilmMaker ($395) or AccuRIP ($495).

You can use the printer right out of the box for films because it is a dye based ink system, but you will save substantial money using a refillable cartridge system, whether you use all black or just one black. I know people who do both with perfectly fine results. Either RIP software will give you the option to choose which ink slots you want to use for black ink. If you choose to use just one slot, the other refillable cartridges are commonly filled with cleaning solution.

With a small format printer such as the 1400 you do not need a chip resetter. Turning the printer on and off will reset the chips. If this doesn't work, there are instructions on resetting that will not require you to use a resetter.

Lastly, be sure to use waterproof film for your best film output results.

Hope this helps! Good luck!!
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That's perfect Terry.
Thanks very much for your response.
Teet.. where are u getting ur printer and supplies? any place that u recommend that could save us money?
I bought the A3 printer off Amazon, I think I'm going to be getting all my consumables for the screening from Wicked Printing Stuff, your home for screen printing equipment and supplies - Home
They seem as good as any, however I haven't found anywhere to get my cartridge refills for the actual A3 printer yet.
Hey Steve, i think you choose the best business and screen printer. Epson 1400 screen printer provides the best color management in this range.
Good Luck for business.
Steve, when purchasing a RIP go with filmmaker. I tested several RIP and filmmaker produced the best results, It also now supports all black, it takes a little setting up and isn't as user friendly at first but well worth the trouble. Cadlink is also very helpful getting it set up. The rip supports variable dot technology that the epson 1400 has it produces 3 sizes of dot instead of 1 like all the other RIPS. gradients and detail come out much better.

Terry was very helpful during my upgrade from fastrip. Fast responses.
Sean, can you tell me what the settings should be for the filmmaker3 and the epson 1400. I can't get me positives to print dark enough now that I have switched over to the all black cartridges?
The Epson 1400 is a great printer for printing out films. We have been using ours for over 3 years. We use Accurip for printing out the films. I have my 1400 set up as all black ink. Go to Cobra Ink System and get 6 empty ink cartridges and fill them up with cobra ink's black dye ink. Works great you just refill the cartridges as needed. I get a very black print on the film with the Accurip program and the black dye ink. The one thing I like about the Accurip program is you can set the drop weight of the ink and get a very dark print which is a must for getting great screens.:D
This might be better over the phone but I can post later. I will have Internet later today. I was affected by the storms so lost power and Internet. They are fixing now and I was lent a generator. Filmmaker is like accurip on steroids. You can do everything that accurip can do and much muck more. Both are great but filmmaker uses the variable dot technology Epson installed on printer for printing and accurip only uses for ink control.
Sorry to hear about the storms, I hope everyone is safe. If you could post later that would be great. Thank you so much for your help, I am really frustrated. I am either getting light ink deposits or so much that it is running off the positive.:confused:
Ok so I have Internet but I am on iPad as it may seem either my PC is dead or the generator is not hooked up to my office.

If you have already turned on the show advanced features in tools and options and can goto queue, print mode overrides, printer options, you can choose 720x720 big or small dots. Or 1440x1440 small dots. Color plane it is either 6 black or multiple black, make sure to check change default printer options I believe its at the top. Then goto variable dot setup. Click override mode. Then starting at top each slot has a number on left start with 1 then next slot 2 and third slot 3. Repeat 1,2,3 for the other 3 channels. For the percentages. Start at 10% for all channels. Increase by 2% if more ink is needed. Every printer is slightly different here. I have 1 that 10% is good and 1 that 15% is needed but start low save and close filmmaker restart then print a test page.

If you want to control your dot gain after you get a good film click calibration control and check override print mode color make sure override is marked and by density. The factory setting is real close for the 1400.

The 1,2,3 setting above is your dot size per channel. It will start with a small dot the lay a bigger dot over and ending with the largest dot. This helps with dot gain also. After you get all set when printing a gradient you can achieve tonal changes that only Watsach can match but its $1200. Also I believe if you download the new ver 4 your license info allows a free upgrade but caution there is a issue if printing out of Corel with certain versions. Not sure if they have fixed yet so I reverted back to 3 but seems to work fine with photoshop.

If some of the info looks wrong sorry this is all from memory and I can post screen shots soon as I get something going but I do have a pretty good memory.
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I changed all the settings but I'm still getting way too much ink. I can't seem to get the printer to save the setting it always reverts back to 100 % ink in the channels.
If your setting it with a job in the quere then it won't save. You need to clear it out. I am going to buy a new laptop today and can help on phone if needed. What op system as you may need to run the program while changing the setting in order for it to save the settings so that it can access the ini or config file where it saves.
OK getting a little over my head. OP I assume you mean windows XP. Let me know when you are able to talk with me on the phone and I will call you so you don't have the phone expense.
Hi Sean, I think I have it. I did the settings in manage queues instead of properties and they stayed. I got a really good print. I really do appreciate all your help. Stay safe and hope you get your power back on soon. God Bless!!!
Great. If I had my PC I would have known to tell you that where to change it but I was doing from memory. Did you add the calibration controls in also?
I did not. Wasn't sure what to change there.
If you just check the box it has a factory setting for the 1400. It is really close and does a great job
Got it. Thank you so very much for your time and trouble. I was about to give up on it and go back to buying all colors but now the positives look great. Thank you again!!!!! Have a restful night.
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