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This is my first event, ever! Been selling decals online for over 5 years now and finally have some free time to get a booth together and take it more serious.

I am anticipating my first event to be end of June. Will be for 2 evenings then 2 full days. The event is a motorcycle rally and it estimates over 170,000 people attend. Yikes!!!

My booth is not right in the action, but it will be at an offsite location where they have other stuff going on related to the event. I don't remember going to this part myself, but a friend who is from there said that it's 'usually pretty bumpin'. That's all I have to go off of. The fee for the 10'x10' booth is $450. Anyways,

My main questions:
-What should I focus more on, decals or shirts?
-How many shirts of each size should I have on hand, and how many styles should I offer?

I plan on offering mainly bike-related items. If anyone else is familiar with doing bike events and knows what other kinds of items sell, I would love to know! Thanks so much in advance.
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