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Setting up art to print

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Please bear with me... I'm not a graphic designer, but I'm an administrative assistant with enough basic know-how to get my boss/coworkers through most of the day without disaster erupting. I will note that NONE of us are IT people, but my boss and I are usually very tech-capable.

We have a micro-enterprise within our organization that is a t-shirt business, and my boss and I have been getting / setting up the art, and then our clients (who are cognitively and/or physically disabled) screen or heat press the shirts. So, if the initial artwork is mucked up, the job is stalled until we get it right.

We had two separate jobs recently. The first one had navy and yellow artwork and was printing with small dots. I went in and recolored the artwork using a Pantone Solid Coat spot color from the "Recolor Artwork" menu and printed the separations. It worked.

Now, a week later, we have another job and the artwork appears to have the same colors. There are two versions of the file. The first one I recolored, and it was giving me an "out of gamut" warning. I clicked the button to fix it, and it printed fine. The second version my boss worked on, and I have no clue what he tweaked, but when I recolor/click the gamut warning to fix, it doesn't "hold" and seems to revert back to the original colors (which print with the dots).

My boss thinks that we are missing a step somewhere and that there should be an easier way to do this every time. We have watched the instructional DVD a bunch of times and appear to be doing everything correctly. He says there must be an easier way to default print in the settings we want.

Here's my thoughts: Each image we're sent is going to have to be tweaked to print the right way. There's no magic way of getting an image, clicking one button and it printing the way he wants. It HAS to be edited. But I'm wondering if there's a simpler way of figuring out how to set up the art -- is it as simple as changing a setting? Or will I have to recolor the artwork each time and figure out which way "works" before printing the transparencies?

Thanks for any help you can provide!! :)
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Could you post a pic of the original and then explain how you want it to look after its done... then we could tell you what you need to do to make it happen...

Also I'm assuming you need them printed black to go on transparencies for screen printing?

What graphics program do you have?

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And, what format is the artwork sent in? Dpi ?
Is it in layers or flattened ?
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