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Services for to offer screen print customers

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Hey Guys,
I am a screen printer breaking into the industry. My focus is, for the most part, T-shirts.

I have been told from all angles......DON'T COMPETE ON PRICE!

I think this is a good way to go. That said I am researching ways better service my customers.

I am wondering what are some standard services and not so standards services. What has your success rate been with theses services and making the customers happy and bringing them back as well as getting them to discuss new business.

Thanks a lot in advance all.
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Pretty simple, really...

1. Complete what you promise.
2. Don't goof up the order.
3. If you make a mistake, own up to it and make it right. Even if it hurts financially.
4. Take every order, no matter how ridiculous, and figure out a way to make it work.
5. Have awesome art. Everyone has shirts. Not everyone has great creative.
6. Learn constantly.
7. Experiment on your own dime. Not for an order.
8. Listen to your customer.
9. Say Thank You.
10. Treat your employees right.

Good luck,

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11. Treat every customer as if they are your only customer.
12. Give prompt knowledgeable answers to every request.
13. Be consistent with both pricing and performance (quality)
14. Exceed Expectations
15. Communicate how they like.. Phone, Text, Email or Face.
16. (2) - Don't Goof Up The Order! (should have been #1)

#1 and #4 can come into conflict...Don't think I buy into #4..
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No matter what you do, you'll never make every customer happy.

Realize that people have different personalities. If you understand this, you can apply it to marketing.
Customers take their screen printing personal and they seem to be loyal if you treat them right..

Be upfront about all charges, make sure all artwork is approved first and make sure you meet your deadlines..

You are right... #1 and #4 can conflict. However, if you know your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses you can determine how you are going to do something.

For example, if you only have a 6 color press, but the job is 10 colors - you could take the job and contract it out if you have aligned yourself with a good network of contract printers that have that capability. You'll make less on the job - but you are still making money.

Many businesses in this industry have been built and succeeded because they did things that no one else would. Same day service, working weekends, building a fulfillment service for a client from scratch, etc.

The trick is to really understand your cost centers, know your limitations and appropriately charge for your services. It's tough, but plenty of people have succeeded doing this. Plenty of people have failed too.

BTW, I liked that you added onto my list... Thanks.

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