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Service Req 0002000b - Anyone?

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Switched the printer off to carry out maintenance this morning, switched back on and when the printer returned to Standby I get the following error:

Service Req 0002000b

Hoping there's a quick fix.

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There are several things that could throw this error.

1. Check the I/F mode (interface). It will most likely be on Auto, but you could try toggling it between that and USB and back again.
2. The firmware could be corrupt. Re-Install the firmware.
3. Something could have happened to the Epson main board, which would require it to be replaced.

Hope this helps
My guess is Some plugs or conection is off. Call Tigers anyone cause all know you. Don't you have a manual for 4880? If not ask Tigers. Or it is on Internet fo free this days.:)
Cheers! Have great weekend.
I just email you free download. Incase you do not have one.
Thanks both.

Got a shed load of shirts to print today & tomorrow for Monaco Grand Prix - gotta get them posted on Monday at the latest!

Somehow it just righted itself and I have no idea why.

Printing again :)

That is a Maintenance Tank Sensor error. Chances are there is a bent pin on the right side of the tank opening. You might be able to straighten in with a tiny screw driver, but it should be replaced. Wondering why doesn't Neo Father know this?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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