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Service Req. 00010000

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We recently moved our Flexi Jet L across the office to a new room. We were able to just roll it across the office. Once in the new room, we received an error code of 00010000.

Things I have done so far:

Encoder disc: Checked & Cleaned
Encoder Disc Sensor: Checked & Cleaned
Un-plugged & re-plugged connections in back of the printer.
Pinion Gear: Checked & Cleaned
25 - Pin connector: Checked.
Fuses by Powercord - Checked
Gears - Checked & Cleaned.
PF - Sensor: Checked

When I turn the machine on, it will start up but as soon as the APES system, and the encoder disc begin to operate, the error message occurs. :confused:

I searched the forum, and read that it could be due to the humidity, but this machine is in the A/C. I had it unplugged this whole weekend and still no luck.

Any ideas, suggestions??

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Usualy has to to with a powerconnection error, did you check the other end gf the 25 pin connector on the main base?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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