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Serious dye migration...

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Hey all,
I printed some shirts for myself the other day and got some serious dye migration on a red shirt with white ink. I also printed the same design on purple shirts with no noticable migration as of yet.

I printed with Ryonet white which I was told by them was good for 50/50 blends on 110 mess. Print/flash/Print method with 2 strokes to each print. 50/50 Gildan Purple and Red shirts.

Like I said, the purple shirts are fine but the red has really bled through.

What did I do wrong?

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Ryonet white, while a good white, is NOT going to work for 50/50's (as you found out)

I dont know why they said it was good for such.

I use International coatings Poly white for 50/50 with good results, but most ink companies have a specific low bleed white for poly fabric.

I suggest you stick with 100% cotton until you get some poly white in your shop.
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As stated the poly is the problem. And red is the biggest problem colour. Doesn't sound like you did anything wrong as such (other than use the wrong ink - but you were told it was the right ink).
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