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Hi all, so im not sure what the heck im doing wrong. Im not experienced with separations and its hard to find answers. Experienced seperators and artist have told me i can go as low as 10% opacity. So I do the seps, and recently for example, i had a design that i seperated in photoshop, saved, opened in illustrator, from there i added reg marks. Printed, which saves it as a postscript file, I open the file in our Wastach program, select rip and print. Get the film and send it to the printer. They send a proof of the design on a white shirt, and nothing below about 50% printed whatsoever and i have no idea why? Im not sure if im missing something here, but ive looked over files that ive hired someone else to sep and when i check some areas in the channels he has them as low as 10% intentionally. So obviously it should be printing at least the 35% areas i have but its not. Any answers will be helpful thank you!!
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