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Separations without BlackMax - Is this guy crazy?

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Hi Screen Printers! I'm new to the forum, so I thought I throw out some advice you want to try.

So I have been using BlackMax Inks for 5 years. Always keep them in stock. However I've also gone through 3 printers (Epson 1430s) due to severe clogging. I use the AccuRip software with all heads printing black.

...That is, until yesterday. I did a big cleaning and replaced the BlackMax inks with Epson Inks - CCMMYK, you know them.

I did some test seps with the CCMMYK inks in the printer (Still using AccuRip with all 6 heads printing) and droplet weight 7. I burned the first two pages to screens, on my same timing as with BlackMax seps. And...

YES, it worked. Perfectly.

Here's the neat thing. AccuRip prints C CC K and Y MM M separately alternating seps. No, AccuRip staff does not know about that, but I've known it all along.

So - Sep one looks like light colors printing an Amber color. The second seps look black with a blue tint to them. Both block out the UV light perfectly. Amber has a lot of Magenta in it. As everyone knows, the red spectrum blocks UV best. Watch for stripes though on the Bluish Black looking sep because it does not block as well as the Amber colored one.

You can make seps without the BlackMax inks and clogging. You can also use the normal epson papers in the printer and print full color prints! This is great for proofs, and seps. Who knew? Great right.

Happy separations to all!

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