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SEO for my website

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Can anyone give me what keywords they would think of when they see my website? I'm new to SEO and trying to do my research to find the right keywords in a competitive market. View the site here
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Hi Tim - For keywords you would use the things your customers would typically search for. Who are your customers and what do they want? Then give it to them. :)

Your site looks good! Having the blog is great - what could help your SEO is to have some content in your blog posts instead of just video. The titles are great - A couple of keyword-rich lines would do.

The other things you're doing are all part of it and you're right on track - updating your facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc regularly. The thing I would suggest is to engage a little more - retweet others, comment on other's twitter & facebook, etc. Also I would suggest having your facebook feed your twitter vs twitter feeding facebook, that way the visuals on facebook will be more prominent. And post images to facebook as well as links. Your facebook page engagement figures into your website page rank.

Do you have google analytics and webmaster tools? If not, get them - you can find out what people who go to your site are already searching for.
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I have signed up to analytics and webmaster but not great with them. I struggle to find good keywords which will attract traffic. Surf clothing is very competitive.

On a blog post with a video, do you have any ideas on how I could title it?

Thanks again PyramidPrintWrx.
Unfortunately, the search engines are hammering SEO tactics severely. I have blogger friends who rely on grey hat tactics for their income, and many of them are seeing HARSH decreases in traffic (and therefore a drop in income).

For your category, you're going to need real, organic inlinks from real, popular sites. Try mailing some of your designs to surf blogs and surf news websites and ask for a review. Good press releases can help -- try to get interviewed by local newspapers or surf-category magazines. This matters.

Ask your customers to post reviews if they blog or use social networks. It helps.

SEO isn't about keywords anymore. That's just the ground floor work. You need real juice from real people to get into a VERY competitive market.

I work the SEO angle by practically begging people to write about me. I issue press releases direct to magazines and larger blog networks and offer interviews. It's a lot of work, and the payoff is very very long term.

You won't see results overnight. In my case, it took 2 years of working weekly before my search engine traffic really became reliable.
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I visited your site from my mobile device. Your site needs to be scalable and adjust to any device that may want to check out your site.

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Yes, as Brian says, google isn't just about keywords anymore, it's about authority, communication & engagement... they want (so they say) to show people the most relevant & quality results. Which they determine by how many other people already go there, link to, talk about, etc. Sites with authority.

I've run several sites for many years, totally white hat SEO, by the book as google recommends. Last year they changed the algorithm and my biggest site's traffic dropped by 2/3, while scammy sites went way up and passed mine in the rankings. That site has been on the web since 1994 and has links from high quality high traffic educational and government sites. So in theory, it should have gone up in rankings but it didn't. Search results these days are often full of bad, inappropriate, nonsensical results. Many webmasters have complained about this but, well, not much one can do - it's the Big G. It's taken many months to get some of the traffic back and it's still nowhere near where it was last year.

Then when we get it all figured out, they'll change it again.

It's not a sprint, it's a marathon. Keep going & you'll get there.
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Something else that would generate buzz would be to have a famous surfer wear and/or talk about your stuff. That would be worth more than keywords!
I also am working hard on promoting my website with keywords. I feel I have been doing pretty good to really only have started promoting around January. My problem is Getting High ranks on Yahoo.
I guess the SEO you mean is to buy links or use something what is regarded as cheating. Don't do that, but you can optimize your website and make it more user-friendly.
Any tips on how I can make it more user friendly? I appreciate any advice.
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