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sending illustrator jpeg thru email

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hello, i sent a illustrator design thru email and the recipient recieved only half the design the other half was cut off. does any one know why this occured? ps the file was sent as a jpeg
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It wasn't because it was sent email. It was because either your jpeg was bad or the program he used to open was incompatible. Try opening your saved jpeg in a program other than Illustrator. How does it look? What program is he using to open it?
After you have created your Illustrator file got to
"Save For Web" When it opens it in that screen go to the bottom where it says "Image Size" set the perimiters to not exceed 650 either wide or tall, hit apply and then go to save.. It will show up in desk top or where ever you saved it to as a jpeg and the jpeg will be a size that when the receipent gets it, it will show all of it in his email..
Some times Illustrator does weird things when exporting jpeg's. I send clients pdf files. If you're worried about them taking your vector art elsewhere... just rasterize it at a low res and then save the pdf. :)
no program he was just opening as an email attachment
no program he was just opening as an email attachment
as dlac said above, under file, go to save for web. it will options to save as jpeg, giff etc. double click on the file you just saved (save to desktop is easiest) and double click on it. your default program to view picture should open it up just as your friend will receive it.
thank you for the advice i will definetly give it a trry
ok thank you for the advice
I bet you the person you sent it to could have zoomed out... Or if you export as a jpg make sure the file size option is around five. You don't really want to send a huge jpg with a lot of detail anyway since it can be recreated by competition...
You'd be surprised how many times I've come across this... I didn't notice the size of the jpg when I sent and then I'd get a call that the image is cut off, so I ask them if they have the image zoomed all the way out and voila!! it's fixed. It's kind of like when a client has a font they want me to use and say they will email it to me to make my life easier, and I get a word document that they had typed a few words in the font they wanted, and when I open it, it's all in Ariel. Because I DON'T HAVE THE FONT! GRR!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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