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So I have an idea for a project, but I thought before I set it up I'd run it past those who may have already done something similar....

my art is primarily at the top (chest) of the shirt with a line going towards the bottom - making the design rather long/tall.

At the bottom there will be a small object that I think would look great with foil - but not the whole design.

This is where my dilemma begins - normally I would simply gel cure, carefully place the foil and press it to cure. But with this art my press isn't big enough (I don't want to press twice).

I recently (as in this week) upgraded to a conveyor dryer - so first question - what happens when you send a foil through a dryer?

I have a couple ways to go at this...

Print, gel, press, dryer


Print, dryer, press

I do plan on printing the main design with a little foil resist mixed in, and a second print in the area I want the foil with foiled adhesive. I wasn't sure if doing a full cure on the belt first would hurt the foil adhesion

I am working with plastisol, not water based

Hope this makes sense - thanks for the help
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