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Hello Everyone;

Just introducing myself to this forum. I have been digitizing with a couple domestic programs for the last few years, Creative Drawings with Wings Modular & Embird. They're OK but now I want to try a more professional software. I have a SWF 1501C machine and specialize in producing fashion & home decor items as well as portraits of both animals & humans. I also offer graphic artwork for print. To date I have just been working part time at this.

I have been using Adobe Creative Suite Pro for years and do like it's functionality. I am in the process of creating a website.

My questions to the forum members are:
1. Which digitizing software is recommended to produce quality portrait images as well as graphics and fonts?
2. Should I decide to hire someone to do my digitizing, who then owns the artwork me or the digitizer?
3. Are there any digitizers on this forum who specialize in digitizing from photos in multi shades of all colors?
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