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So there are a few vendors giving away or selling DTG conversion PDF plans and instructions... but the really mainstream thing folks want is a DIY "Completed and Shipped to me" printer option. Very few vendors offer this.

Here are the ones I know of:

Nikko DTG - Craigscreations on here... Based on Epson 1430, can do white or black shirts, amazing quality, well worth the price. V1 and V2 options starting around $2000 - Have to email him first or buy over EBay (Nikko DTG).
* Fully assembled ready to print? Yes
* offers swappable parts? Yes
* Offers associated parts (CIS, Supplies, etc)? No. Gives advice on these.
* Support over email? Excellent.
* Website? Not yet.

UFO Printer - Based on most Epson types, sells the under-printer assemblies (platen, trays, mechanicals, chips etc.) prices variable. You still modify your printer, then "install it" onto a completed professional base.
* Fully assembled and ready to print? No
* saves probably 80% of the work. You still chop up your printer.
* Provides a professional, proven base in a demystified form (you don't program the arduino for stepper motors, etc...)
* Supports larger printers? Up to the 16" wide options. (3880 / P800)
* Website - UFO Printer, Flatbed Printer, Textile Machine, UV Printer, DTG solutions, Uncoated Direct Printing

AlienBunker - looks like they do many projects and experiments. DTG conversion was just one of them.
* PDF only - Yes.
* Why listed here? The design he came up with is very successful. Very well documented and presented.
* Website? - Yes https://alienbunker.com/2015/homemade-dtg-printer-a3-version-overview-2/

If there is anyone here who builds these for sale, please post links! If you feel that would be self promotion, pm me and I will post the link. (I'm not associated with any of these companies. Just as a customer, and a happy one, from Craig / Nikko DTG)

Good luck all! I love this forum!!!
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