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Selling Whole screen printing setup

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Due to a change in circumstances (a good one) I'm selling all my gear. Will be outsourcing my printing as I'm only running a clothing line, so gives me more time to focus on the business side anyway.

Apart from the used equipment I've bought a lot of it has hardly been used as I was just starting out. List is as follows:

8 Union Mixopake inks
2x 500ml MIXE-8000 Black - 1 full, 1 3/4 full
1x 1ltr MIXE-8000 Black - 3/4 full
2x 1ltr MIXE-1000 Super white - both full
1x 1ltr MIXO-5003 Blue R/S - half full
1x 1ltr MIXO-2002 Yellow G/S - full
1x 1ltr MIXO-2042 Yellow R/S - full
1x 1ltr MIXO-4001 Magenta - nearly full
1x 1ltr MIXO-F611 Neon Traffic Green - nearly full
2x 500ml Soft Hand Base - 1 full, 1 1/4 full

Union ink is endorsed quite broadly on this site. Costs around £200 for this set if you buy online and will allow you too mix most pantone colours accurately in about 10 minutes, so I'd rather sell it all in one batch to keep down onm carriage also. But willing to sell individually if I have to.

Height adjustable flash dryer with a drying area of 14"x12". Would prefer collection.

Panther cub tunnel dryer.

9x 24x19 wooden screens 90T yellow mesh, stapled corners. Some ghosting, 1 with a tiny whole in the corner. All good tension as they've done less than 50 prints.
4 24x19 wooden screens 90T yellow mesh, interlocked corners so more secure. I bought these 3 months ago and barely been used.
All screen have been drilled with 2 bolts and a bracket for registration, easy to fill in though is you need.

Wooden squeegees
3x 14"
2x 6"
1x 8"
barely used.

10 platen line table I had made from a blue print I got from here 96"x 24" (without platens). Fabricator also added holes in the feet to secure it down and made it fold-able so it folds flat. I've also got pallet protek tape 610mm wide with about 70 metres left.

I've also got a DIY exposure unit I had built. 28"x24" exposure area, 400w metal halide with a slider drawer to block the light. I was burning screens perfectly in 10 mins 25 secs.

And lastly also built an 8 screen light safe drying cabinet with a PC extracter fan at the top. Dries screens in 20mins with a blow heater. This can be picked up for free otherwise I'll be throwing it away.

If you're interested in anything shoot me a PM. I'm just taking offers for now. It will all be going on eBay in a couple days.
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Bit late I know but did you get rid of everything?? Anything left?
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