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selling to retail stores

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Hey guys,
My company is doing pretty well currently and are currently just online only. We want to start to approach some smaller stores to see if they would be interested in selling our shirts and hats. This would be our first time doing this and am very lost! here is the description from one store we are looking to talk to you:

Please send all prospective product information, attributes, features and best volume pricing options in order to evaluate if the product is favorable addition to our merchandise offerings.

If you guys could help us out that would amazing, sorry for my lack knowledge, the one thing I struggled to find a good description on was volume pricing. If we sell our shirts and hats normally for $20 a piece what would be a good volume price for them?
Thanks again!
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Volume pricing simply refers to bulk wholesale pricing... as in, the more you buy, the cheaper the per-unit price is. Send them a breakdown of what you will charge them per shirt at different quantities.
What in your or anyones opinions would be a nice happy medium for us and the retail store? I am not going to be greedy and try to make a ton at all on this, I think it would just be great to get into a store and have people see our stuff daily!
If your shirts retail for $20, the wholesale price is expected to be around $9 to $10 a shirt. Brick and mortar retailers want to make atleast double on their investment. The best volume pricing is up to you, some people say charge a flat wholesale price no matter how much they order and others say to have price breaks. It's up to you. If its a smaller 1 store shop then they will probably only order 12 to 24 shirts per design. In that case charge them a flat wholesale rate. If they have over 100 stores nationwide and are filling all stores with your shirts and ordering 1200 to 2400 per design then I'd say have a price break.

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ok sounds good, thank you Jimmy that helps alot I appreciate it
No problem, good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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Yeah good luck and let us know how everything turns out and what option you chose to use.
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