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Selling to a clothing store.

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Hey guys i have built my label up to the point where i have interest from a clothing store. The owner likes my designs and has asked what price i want to sell them for.

Im new to the business side of things and dont really have an idea of what i should charge for my shirts.

Being from Australia and selling to the demographic that im targeting, the prices here range from about $60 to $100 per tshirt.

After working out my costs i will be paying approximately $25 per shirt to be printed and tagged. So what would be a reasonable amount to expect or ask for in regards to profit?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks
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Standard markups are 100%. So if it costs you $25 to make a shirt, you sell it for $50. Keep in mind, however, that your retailer will do the same, so if you sell it to them for $50, they'll be selling for $100. It'll be up to you whether you can lower your price or not in order to keep the final retail value reasonable.

BTW what kind of shirts are you making? $25 is RIDICULOUSLY high to make a t-shirt, unless it's more than just plastisol on a cotton shirt?
Thanks for the reply! Appreciate your help.

As for my cost, the designs i will be getting done are DTG (over here they range from $10-$15 per print) and i pay around $7 per t shirt then tagging and labeling which gives me the figure of about $25 per shirt.

I think due to the low quantity of t shirts/prints i wont be able to get a better price. Unless i look at importing from overseas but due to being in the start up stages i dont have the demand to order in bulk.

But if there is anything i could be doing that would be more cost affective id love to know what it is.

Thanks again!
Are you printing with gold ink on gold tshirts?
i'm a little confused: you've built your label up to a certain point, yet you make it sound as if you've yet to make a shirt. maybe i'm misreading it...?
LOL @ cubedecibel

Clints, I think you need to really, REALLY shop around a bit, Australian or not, those prices seem too high for both the printing and the blank (unless your blanks are high-end?). Or are all your designs large, over-sized prints on dark shirts (thus requiring pre-treat and underbase)?

I don't recommend going international because whatever you save in printing you'll spend (if not more) on shipping.
Thanks again Enrique... And yes i have shopped around quite a bit and found that these are basically the standard prices in oz . The t shirts are more fashionable t's (quality fit and different styles), and i did speak to a company that offered $8 DTG prints but the company i chose to use offers better quality so i decided to pay the extra.

As for print size all companys that i have spoken to offer a set price for DTG, regardless of the print size.

@Ryan baker... Yea i have built it up in terms of sourcing all of the stock, printing, tags and labeling that i am happy with... Printed quite a few t shirts, but alot of it was trial and error in terms of print size, positioning and opacity etc... I am now at the point where i am happy to launch it.
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