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hello my name is maria i'm in a very hard situation my tshirt business didn't take of we have awesome designs but boutiques here are just not interested is horrible (central florida) so since i have the investment done in the equipment i'm thinking in doing tshirts for business but i don't know how to approach them? what to bring to the metting? you know to schools, churchs, business in general i haven't seen this question before around here so let me know what you guys think
is http://[URL="http://www.pinkuapparel.com/PINKAPPAREL/Home.html"]//www.pinkuapparel.com/PINKAPPAREL/Home.html[/URL] your online shop??

why just sell your design T-shirt? to fully utilize your investment (web site, printer, ..etc) why not let the customer to design their own T-shirt and you print for them?

of course, this can only earn little money ..:)
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