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Selling Shirts Online (Canada)

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First of all, is charging a customer $8 too much for shipping? That is the cheapest here in Canada through Canada Post and I am completely at a loss as to not turn off customers with that high cost.

Seems like I have to pay for that shipping myself and just cut my profit by a couple bucks, which I, as much as possible do not want to do.

Secondly, what envelope size would work well for 1-3 shirts?

Lastly, different regions means different shipping costs. How will I make that known to my site and make it so the prices change accordingly?(I set up an account at Goodsie and directed it in the help section, but just wanted to ask it here to play it safe.)

I am an absolute beginner, and I would appreciate any other help or advice with this. Thank you all :D
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Hi Canada post should have a calculator for you to get weights and frieght , I would use fedex we ship regularily with it , to all of the us and canada, only offer free shipping after they pay like over $100 or stuff
Selling online in Canada has all kinds of pitfalls....The fact the rates vary so much depending how far you ship is a challenge.....

As far shipping via other methods such as Fedex, by the time you add the extra charges for residential deliveries and rural locations your rate chart will get even worse....And Fedex uses Canada Post to deliver to some rural locations....So best to stick with Canada Post....

If you want to charge different amounts for different parts of the country it will make things difficult for your buyers...And that will cost you sales.....I understand you want to make a profit but making a smaller profit on sales you make will give you more profit than if you lose sales completely....

I charge 5.00 flat rate and just take my lumps on distant shipments...I usually ship single shirts by 1st class mail....No insurance and no signature...In Big Cartel you can add extra money for the 2nd piece but I have just added it in to the shirt price and do not complicate things for my buyers...
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Shipping can be tricky, which is why it helps to have a scale to weight your items before shipping.
We are located in Canada and since we are close to the US border we arrange for a transport company to pick up all of our T-shirt orders daily and take them accross the border.

We have them ship out via USPS from Buffalo NY.
More important then saving money it speeds up our shipping times for our US customers.
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