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Selling shirts at yard sale???

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Now that it's coming yard sale time, I have items that need to be sold. What do you think about making some shirts and putting them out for a yard sale? I think it will help in getting my business some exposure. Any thoughts on this idea?
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people dont pay retail at a yard sale, 2-3 bucks tops
that is true but it's mainly to just get some exposure. is it not worth the time?
only you could be the judge of that, whats your time worth?
I give away tons of free shirts with my logo on them, can't say its gotten me tons of business but it doesnt hurt
i guess your right. not worth the time to mess with it.
if they are cool designs they may sell, but if its your biz logo probably not, people dont want to pay to advertise for you
if they are cool designs they may sell, but if its your biz logo probably not, people dont want to pay to advertise for you
Ya, and it depends on your neighborhood too. If you are in a community where you are going to get thrifty wives looking for some cutlery, then you won't have any luck.

If you are in a younger/hipster area, then maybe people are just out looking for something cool, and might buy a $15-$20 tee. And of course it depends on your designs.

It certainly couldn't hurt, you would at least get a few eyes on it, but if you have to spend any extended time on it, I would probably think that time would be better spent elsewhere.
It really depends on what sort of image you want your business to have. Selling at a street fair or something where there are other vendors is one thing. Putting up a card table and selling your shirts along with your old VCR and some books you don't want is quite another.

You need to remember it's not just about exposure, it's about planting an image and an impression in people's minds. Selling at a yard sale is usually something that people do when they have items they don't need or can no longer use. It's not generally something a reputable brand or business would do, unless said "yard sale" or "garage sale" is part of a trade show and well established.
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Make your signs a shirt
I saw a yard sale the other day and the signs showing where it was were shirts with YARD SALE and an Arrow . The guy did air brush , but made me stop and look
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