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Selling online to the US

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I am looking to start selling online to the US. I am based in Ontario.

What steps do I need to take in order to be compliant with the Canadian and American government?

Thank you.
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What do you mean you are trying to sell to the Americans. Are you selling just designed T-shirts that you make or are you a wholesale business???? If you have a website and are a screen printer or Heat trasfers. You would need to contact the Canadian Goverment for sales. If you are selling to customers off your website you can sell to anyone anywhere in the world. Your customer pay the custom fees when you ship it . No matter what country you ship it Make sure you put that on your website that they pay for custome fees at the boarder and shipping. I hope this helps. If you are not sure contact your local goverment.

Thanks you Canadian friend

Susan :D

No, I do not have a wholesale busines. I am having my small line manufacturered in China, then I am selling them online, out of my home.

So, you are saying that I can just mail the T-Shirt to the US (From Canada) as if I was sending a gift to my friend? But, make sure I let my customer know that the duty, etc. is for them to pay? Thanks
You can not send a commercial package as a gift....A false declaration to customs will end you up in jail if they get serious with you.....
Ok, ya, that's what I am worried about.

My government (Canada) said that I need to contact the US government. But I see a lot of clothing sites that sell to 100's of countries.

Are these small clothing sites contacting all these countries?

If a customer goes on your website and buys a t-shirt from you you put it in a package with your return address and business name on the out side of the package so at the boarder can see it is from a business in Canada and they will charge the customer the duty fees for the package. But make sure you put on your website that the customer pays for all dutys and taxes for their parcel. Then it is upto the customer to pay the duty and taxes Not you. By the way Where are you located in Ontario I am in Vineland near St.Catherines. I sell of my website as well. I hope this helps if you have anymore questions you can email me at [email protected]

So, who collects taxes on the items sent to other countries? How did you find out that this is the correct why to send items to other countries?

I am from Belleville. A little ways from St. Catherines. I had an interview there to become a police officer. Didn't work out. Jerks!
A business in Canada is not responsible for taxes and / or duties for any other country....So you do not have to collect them...
Ok, sounds good.

So, as Susan stated, all I do is send the package, make sure my customers know that they are responsible for duty, etc. at the border, and put my business return address...and... that's it???

No need to contact other country's governments?
I buy my shirts in the US, import them to Canada, do my thing, and usually take them back to the US and ship from there, as it's cheaper. However, in doing so... the US customs gives me hell every time reminding me there are strict rules for crossing textiles. Generally they say up to $200 per trip, and anything after that I have to have a broker, a broker who has quotas in shipping textiles... blah blah blah. They tell me it's always easier just to have the end user come get them... sure... I'll get right on that! :)

Honestly... I have never tried to ship them from here... I always felt the shipping was too high.

I know it didn't help your question, but I wanted to give my two cents! ;)
when you ship small quantities from Canada to the US, there are no much trouble. The problem comes when you ship big stuff. You have to take care of labeling, marking and other rules with CBP, FTC, CSPC (e.g. flammability). Because the NAFTA, i think there are no duties when importing apparel from Canada.
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