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I'm in process of selling my online presence in Direct to Garment services. Well-established E-commerce business sells t-shirts and posters on: Amazon EBAY POSHMARK Marcari Storenvy & 2 stand-alone websites.
Excellent opportunity to own a rapidly growing eCommerce business!
For someone wanting to establish an online eCommerce presence, the purchase of this company would give the new owner a fast start. I have been 7 years operating the business and already pass the hardest part: approval of brand, categories, etc.
This offering is ready for a capable buyer, to take it to the next level thanks to its outstanding scaling potential. I sell a small percentage of posters but a new owner could highly leverage by scaling this product line.
Amazon, however, represents virtually untapped potential for growth.
Currently in USA Inventory 873 products active, Inactive (1622)
Currently in Canada Inventory 5467 products active, Inactive (17)
My company is signed up for:
-Professional ( Amazon com & Amazon ca )
-Amazon Custom Registered ( Amazon com )
-Fulfillment by Amazon Registered ( Amazon com & Amazon ca )
-Sponsored Products ( Amazon com )
-Amazon Business Registered ( Amazon com & Amazon ca )

Account Health:
Customer Service Performance Order Defect Rate 0.87%
Negative feedback 0.87%
A-to-z Guarantee claims 0%
Chargeback claims 0%
Policy Compliance 0 issues
Late Shipment Rate 0%
Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate 0%
Valid Tracking Rate 100%
Received Intellectual Property Complaints 0 issues
Product Condition Customer Complaints 0 issues
Listing Policy Violations 0 issues
Customer Product Reviews Policy Violations 0 issues
Other Policy Violations 0 issues
Policy Violation Warnings 0 issues

Current and Past Seller level -> Top Rated
Transaction defect rate 0.00% 0 of 1,347 transactions
Late shipment rate 0.30% 4 of 1,335 transactions
Cases closed without seller resolution 0.00% 0 of 1,347 transactions
Tracking uploaded on time and validated 100%
Transactions and sales 1,347 transactions $26,502.11 sales
Return rate 1.48% 20 of 1,347 transactions
Top Rated Plus benefits 10% discount
512 of active listings qualify for benefits
Total to date Transactions 4596 Sales $87,340.48

110,000+ followers
Listings Analysis: 1408 Available Listings. Total Value: $1,095,085
Sales Analysis: 3461 Listings Sold. Total Net Earned: $46,088.03 -> Top Seller
1.2 Days to Ship On Average -> Fast Shipper!
4.9 Average Rating. Total Ratings: 1804 -> Top-rated Seller!

2 small stores
#1 Visits 5,843 Orders 219 Conversion rate 3.7% Revenue $4,839.07
#2 Visits 32.9K Orders 1,088 Conversion rate 3.3% Revenue $18,225.18

5. Mercary
Revenue $1,665.00 Profit $1,494.25 Items listed 154 Completed sales 84

Net Sales $389.85 Orders 21
Plus 2 websites with a small number of sales, thousands of .png images & all social media accounts: Pinterest, FB, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

I fulfill smaller orders of less than 20 pieces himself using in-house printing equipment comprising an Epson printer converted to DTG and a heat press, both of which will be included with the sale. Small orders are fulfilled in 1-2 business days.
I spend approximately 2-3 hours p/day, 5 days p/wk managing the store and while I do not employ staff, I use the help of my wife. Her responsibilities include customer service, product ordering, graphic design work (laying out logos in a pattern or adding customer provided or stock images to a template).
I am currently unable to handle the additional sales volume with my other responsibilities.
The new buyer could improve and grow the business through email marketing to our customer and email database, through more focused PPC advertising, through Facebook and Instagram advertising, re-targeting, and customer reach outs, particularly for custom orders.
I am selling the business as I would like to devote my time and resources to my other businesses. This business is the easiest to sell since it is debt-free and easy to operate.
This business would be perfect for an existing print on demand (POD) business that would like to expand their product line. Also, would be great for a graphic designer.

Perhaps the most intriguing (and attractive) thing about this business is that its creators (the sellers - husband and wife) have never attempted any paid advertising for the business. The business is completely built on natural, organic traffic within each of its sales channels. A buyer with know-how and experience with PPC and other forms of paid advertising could likely double (or triple) revenues and very quickly increase the business' net profit with minimal effort.

Expanding offerings like this in combination with developing stronger marketing initiatives are sure to bring extraordinary results to a capable new owner. As an impactful company in the vast and growing online rankings vertical, this dynamic company is a phenomenal investment for any business-minded buyer.
Asking for $350K
Please call/text 954-858-6311
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