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Selling license for my design to another company

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Hello everyone. I got this proposal from one of my client. They want my t-shirts design and probably like 500 or so copies. Some chance they would use it at the benefit next year and make like 3000 copies. Does any one sell license before? What is the reasonable fee? Should I charge them twice for 500 and if so for 3000 next year? And should it be different price since it's more t-shirts or the same since it's same design? Thanks
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Are these designs you created that they are wanting or 3500 shirts? I have never sold t-shirt designs because I'm new to the business, but I was a pro photographer. If anyone wanted the copyright, negatives, etc., of the images I took, the price was always exorbitant. I needed to make sure that any profit I lost in selling the prints was made up in selling the copyright. I would assume that selling any designs would be the same. Good luck figuring it all out.
Thanks for reply Daynawalraven, it is one print design I created on 3500 t-shirts, same print design. It's actually a bit different story. There is few ways to sell your design, first you can create design, print it and sell ready product to the stores another way is if someone like your design, they want to use it, they can either steal it and pay nothing to you or they can buy license from you and use your design.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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