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Selling international

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G'day ppl,

i was wondering if i want to sell t-shirts from singapore to other countries, e.g US, due to the slow shipping method >6 days to 10+days, what does people normally do?

Do they find a distributor in U.S ? Do they send in bulk and set up a warehouse in U.S and hire staffs for inventory and shipping?

What does the big players do ? or the small players do?

just curious. please enlighten me.

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As long as the international customer knows up front before purchasing that it will take 6-10 days then why not sell to them directly? I have more international customers than domestic and haven't had any complaints about shipping time.
6-10 days is not that long and you better not open a warehouse for this reason.
i was just thinking if there is a fast way to be delivered to the customer in 2-3 days compared to 10+ days it would attract more customers ^^

sometimes the delivery time will determine if customers will buy it. and if they know that the stock is in their country maybe they have more confidence.

anyone knows somebody doing this? thx~
I ship all over the world and haven't had any complaints about shipping time. I think opening up warehouses in other countries will cost a lot but if you were after a specific market like the US it might be worth it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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