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Selling Heat Pressing Services to Fraternities and Sororities

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I am a new heat press owner and I was wondering whether sororities and fraternities have Heat Press Operators to make goods for them usually. Because, I want to start out getting some clients and possibly get a good client base and a decent revenue stream. But I have doubts whether if sororities and fraternities work with people who use heat presses to design clothes for their events and their clothes they usually wear. Do they even really hire heat pressers as customers to begin with?
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Your idea is not new, but to do fraternities and sororities. You will need to get permission from each one and May have pay a fee or licensing. If you are new unless you are unusually lucky plan a year or so before you get a client base and a decent revenue stream. This is s tough biz and heat press transfer that is done in house is not always a great product. Suggest that you consider outsourcing while you learn the skills needed. Welcome to the group
I agree, working with Sororities and Fraternities are really a popular concept, I have to say, actually speaking. Also I am in my 20's as well and recently took a break off school for a year and may go back (I am not sure about that part, yet). So, if I want to look for serious clients, like sororities, schools, colleges, K-12 schools, and likewise groups. I may need to probably wait a little more in the future. I just only bought a heat press and maybe in a few weeks, I will purchase a vinyl cutter, blank T's and possibly, a cap press (if I have the time + money to do so). But in the future, if I can afford a silk screen machine or a DTG printer, then I can think about it. Otherwise, I have to stick w/ what I have.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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