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Hello everyone,
I'm brand new to this industry/craft, but I've been building a small portfolio of T-shirt designs while working on a degree in Graphic Design.
I'm almost finished and have an internship with a small Digital Animation/Visual effects studio. To help pay the bills during this internship, I have been mulling over the decision whether to attempt to sell my designs to a large apparel company (who usually deals directly with large retail chains)....or start out small fry, and try to market to those same retailers as a small vendor (they may have exclusive agreements or sweetheart deals with larger vendors that shove me out of consideration).
The designs are for the Christian/Patriotic segment of the market, and I aim to be a cut above the norm with these designs...usually 2-4 colors and fairly elaborate in scope and message (without being too busy or gaudy). While I am training to work in 3D animation and visual effects, the tools I use make for some serious creative power
that can be effective in creating eye-catching T-shirt designs as well as other print mediums.
So, all of that leads to this question:
Should I attempt to sell the designs to large apparel companies (perhaps on a commission basis) as a freelancer at this "start-up" stage (I don't even know if they are open to that or not), or brave the waters as a tiny fish?
The thing that freezes me from selling the designs is that I have no idea at this point what fair market value would be for them, assuming they have potential to be great sellers. By going with a company like PrintMojo, I'd at least have some reference as to what to charge, and what it will cost me. But the former approach leaves me "flying blind."
I'd be glad to hear your input.
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