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Selling benefits...

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So as basics in marketing, we're always told to sell benefits and not features. With the next athletic season in high school sports coming soon, I've been thinking of some of our companies benefits for selling printed shirts to the sports teams.

- Team unity
- School Pride
- Parent/Community Support
- Team recognition

Anything else people would want to add, or any hints you'd like to add on selling to schools?
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School profit for athletic department!
With the economy the way it is, you might also add keeping money in the local community. Supporting local businesses is very important right now.

I think you're right on target with your ideas and selling the benefits is a great way to approach making a sale.

Please let us know how it works for you.
The latest term to remember is sell the sizzle NOT the sausage!

Think in terms of the local hardware store with the sausage on bread (this could be an Australian thing.... don't know)

It isn't the sausage and bread that "sells" you it is the smell and sound, the sizzle!

So your on the right track, quality will most likely be important too, parents don't want to be replacing uniforms every few months, kids are very hard on clothing
My company, Consuul printing and Design, targets local private schools in the greater San Diego and Orange County area. We have seen that contacting the public schools directly is a waste of time due to the chain of command. If you want to reach public institutions you actually have to go through the district. These sales can be no doubt larger, but we have seen that private schools, booster clubs, and Associated Students Councils in Orange County and San Diego are easier to reach, more susceptible to cross-selling, and have more capital and creative freedom to offer us.

Hope this helps you reach schools in your area,
Thanks for the info. We live in a very rural area though, so contacting the coaches and athletic directors directly is not a problem. The coaches are given free reign to use the vendors that they like.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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