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Selling art/graphics..

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Hello, I am fairly new to the T-shirt design business.. I was wondering if anyone had any key tips to selling their art to companies or clothing lines? Is it the same as if you were selling and marketing your t-shirts? Do I just market myself as an artist? I have sold a few designs, but I just don't know where the places are to market myself...

Sorry if this is a noob question... If you want to see some of my art I can show.
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I know we're always looking for new artists, but blogging and online marketing is a great start, plus getting your SEO up on your website
ahh my website is definately lagging.. yeah I've been definately trying to do forums.. i need to start up a blog though... i can show some of my designs...


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Your designs look great!
Awesome work! PM me your email address and your prices on your designs.
Hey, KillerNapkins, welcome back. :) Your designs look good in that KillerNapkins way, ;):), which I remember has nothing to do with napkins! :D

I have no idea if you are interested in this type of thing, but have you thought about entering your designs on those sites that rank the tees and vote and print them?

I have no idea if that leads to exposure, but it seems like it may. I am guessing some larger companies may be watching those sites for interesting designs, but they also may be watching those sites for interesting designs to rip
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