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Hello everyone. I have a question about selling my SG DTG printer. It's about 7 years old. Overhauled it last xmas with new head, pumps and a couple other things while I was in there. Went to the 250ml refillable carts for it. This thing has printed like a dream after doing this. I always use my anti clog solution etc... We had a weird power disruption 3 weeks ago and I now cannot get it to run. The lights come on but no cycle start up. I'm seriously considering throwing in the towel and selling it. I am no electrician nor do I want to learn how to be one. Like I said it's run like a dream up until this power deal. Would anyone be interested. It's in a smoke free home. I've run a test print almost every day. Only a few times has it sit a week but she printed no problem. In all seriousness how much would a fair asking price be? I'm all ears. Thank Carol:eek:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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