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Seiko II Thermal Wax to Tektronix?

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Hi forum:)!
I've been testing old Seiko II thermal wax printers, as well as Tektronix models for heat transfers.
The Seiko II uses ribbons of ink. I used the QLT transfer paper until it was discontinued recently. The colors were warm and rich. The effect is great when a vintage look is needed!
Over the years i hoarded the thermal transfer rolls from the old Boeing Surplus Store (closed now), and have had pretty good success printing onto t-shirts, metal, balsa wood etc... I have a 15 by 15 Hix heat press and a small one as well.
However, now I want to develop a line using my photo, and art work, and the print quality just doesn't compete when it comes to peoples faces and fine detail images.
I'm getting ready to buy into the Conde DyeTrans GXe3300N system, but I would have to buy all their stock material to print to.The Conde output is great, but I want to print to my own stock!
Can I use their Conde DyePro Trans Spray for use with my own stock material?
These are just a couple of my most recent, most pressing questions.
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Hi I have a seiko s11 what software do you use for it as got the printer but no drivers or software and it is stuck in the back of my shed just thought I might try again to see what it is like thanks
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