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Seeking Opinions on JPSS on 100% Cotton vs 50/20 Blend

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I'm fixing to order JPSS transfer paper and have some Gildan 50/50 shirts from my previous attempt at starting a business but I do like the feel of 100% cotton t-shirts better. Does anyone have an opinion on the quality of print on one shirt or the other such as brightness of color or washability?

Also, I watched a video comparing inks using three different transfer papers including JPSS and the ink the video was promoting transferred all ink from paper to shirt whereas you could still see where the other inks did not transfer completely - what is your experience with JPSS and different inks? I will start out with the Epson Durabrite Ultra pigment ink that came with my printer for testing purposes anyway. I've heard great things about Cobra ink but I would like to hear about your experience in regard to different inks transferring completely from paper to shirt.

Thanks in advance!
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I heat transfer JPSS on 100% cotton totes.When you transfer to cotton it's not the same as transferring to poly (but that's a different matter) I use an Epson WF-7110 with pigment ink.I create my files in Illustrator CMYK export to photoshop RGB and my colors still look fine.I press at 375 for 30 seconds and remove the sheet while hot all my color is transferring.I press again for 10 seconds with a teflon sheet.Working good.

I recently had what I thought was a major problem with colors.Colors looked great on transfer sheet-was 2 shades of blue and a deep red.Came out of press dark sage green and a very dull red.I spent an entire day trying to work colors so I could get the order out.

I left the bad print sitting on a table and checked it every hour or so.Looked awful and still green.Came in Monday and it was perfect!! No kidding.So be patient if something looks wrong give it some time.
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